Our Church

website_ourchurch_pic1The Norman church, now in ruins although the churchyard is still in use, is half a mile south of Longhorsley village and possibly replaced a wooden Saxon building. The earliest record of a vicar here is from 1299.


website_ourchurch_pic2In 1783 the church was entirely rebuilt on the old foundations. It was a plain structure, the main feature being an attractive trefoil chancel arch. Lack of facilities and the need for extensive renovation made it necessary to abandon it in 1966.


website_ourchurch_pic3The old Church of England school in the village (West Road) was then taken over, adapted, and is now the church. It was built in 1848.



110_1081In 1981 the porch of the old church was dismantled and rebuilt on the west end and is now the main entrance.




110_1083 23560557In 2010 the interior of the church was remodelled to create a separate meeting room. These pictures show the church before it was remodelled


big_23560607_0_200-150 big_23560585_0_200-150and these pictures were taken after the remodelling was completed.